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Welcome to Satin Studios Boudoir Photography! We’re a woman-owned studio located in the Pacific Northwest and we’re all about empowering other women to feel beautiful. Our mission is not only to create stunning photographs, but to remind every single woman how gorgeous she is and make sure she leaves our studio feeling amazing about herself.     


We’re a small staff of friendly, all-female photographers and hair stylists whose goal is to make you feel comfortable. All of us are all regular women just like you who understand that the idea of taking your clothes off in front of strangers is a little intimidating.

We create an easygoing, nonjudgmental environment that will make you feel relaxed and create space for gorgeous photos to emerge.


If you’ve considered doing a boudoir photo shoot before but waited, we can probably guess what you’re thinking:

  • You want to lose 10 pounds first.

  • You’re not very photogenic.

  • You can’t afford it right now.

  • You won’t look as good as the “models” on our website.

We’ve definitely heard these concerns before – everyone is nervous before their boudoir shoot! But guess what? None of the women on this portfolio page are models. They are all normal ladies just like you. (Check out these Before and Afters).

We promise you— boudoir photography isn’t how you’re imagining it. You’re not going to show up to some cold, empty building where a strange person is waiting upstairs to take photos of you.

It’s not like that AT ALL. Boudoir sessions feel more like a day hanging out with your girlfriends. We drink champagne. We listen to music. We laugh and joke around. (Check out our Outtakes).

Satin Studios

We know what you’re thinking: “But my body isn’t perfect.” Well you know what? NO ONE’S BODY IS PERFECT. We all have curves, wrinkles, blemishes, and other so-called “imperfections.” That’s what angles are for. And lighting. And … ahem, Photoshop.

Now, to be perfectly clear, we think you’re gorgeous JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. However, we also know you’re investing in your boudoir experience and, chances are, you want to look perfect in your photos— like an airbrushed supermodel.

And that is exactly how we’re going to make you look.

We’ve been doing this a long time and trust us — WE’RE REALLY GOOD AT IT. We know exactly how to place your forearm slightly stretched out on the bed to hide that little crease on the side of your tummy. Or how to help you tilt your head at just the right lighting angle to smooth out your wrinkles and slim your cheekbones.

We know every angle and every lighting trick to make your look your absolute best and we will use them all. We will help you pick out your outfits, guide you through your most flattering poses, and give you lots of feedback while you shoot. Don’t worry about anything — just show up and we’ll do the rest.


Our motto is “Women empowering women to feel beautiful.”

We think women deserve to feel awesome because because we get told a lot of nonsense about our bodies. How we should look. How we should feel. It’s hard to keep society’s voice from  affecting our confidence and our ideas about how we should look.


Happy girlsBody positivity signBody positivity sign

Satin Studios’ mission is to get that voice out of your head and remind you how beautiful you are.

Now – imagine yourself getting pampered, directed into the sultry poses with the most flattering lighting, and seeing your stunning photos at the end of your photo shoot! You’re going to look and feel like a million bucks!


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